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Danisa Tumbusch

Chief Technology Officer
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Alamo Drafthouse

Recently appointed Chief Technology Officer of Alamo Drafthouse Danisa Tumbusch is transforming Alamo's digital terrain, evolving guest—and teammate-facing technology platforms to enhance the user experience, improve resiliency, and prepare Alamo's infrastructure for scale. 
With a background in Silicon Valley-based companies like Blackboard and Autodesk, Danisa has deep experience driving innovation in web application development, cloud architecture, and agility-based delivery methodologies. Before her current role, she made a marked impact as the interim CTO of Ormat, steering the software engineering and product development strategy, organizational wellness, and crafting a culture of happiness and success. She has a particular passion for psychological safety and organizational health. 
New to the industry, Dani brings a fresh approach to leading technology excellence and transformation.