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Todd Kaufman

Vice President of Information Technology
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SSP America

Todd Kaufman is a leading figure in information technology within the hospitality sector, with a particular focus on enhancing the travel dining experience. As the Vice President of Information Technology at SSP America since 2008, Todd has been at the forefront of implementing groundbreaking technology solutions across North America, Bermuda, and Brazil. His visionary leadership has not only enhanced the dining experience for guests but has also streamlined operations, contributing to SSP America's reputation as a leader in the travel food services sector. Under his guidance, the IT department has successfully introduced digital ordering channels, developed next-generation inventory systems, implemented web-based scheduling and automatic labor compliance enforcement, as well as overseen the technological aspects of mergers and acquisitions, expanding the company's reach. SSP America has embraced a mission to bring cool authentic restaurants to airports that reflect a taste of place.
Before his tenure at SSP America, Todd significantly impacted technology integration at IHOP (now DineEquity), where he led point-of-sale (POS) projects and spearheaded the adoption of technology solutions across more than 1,000 restaurants. His strategic approach to technology deployment at IHOP included the rollout of a comprehensive reporting portal and the establishment of a PCI-compliant solution for franchise locations. Todd's career exemplifies his exceptional ability to harness technology to boost operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.