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Jason McGowan

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
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Jason McGowan stands out as more than just an entrepreneur; he’s a visionary who co-founded Crumbl, the fastest-growing cookie company in America, and serves as its CEO. Under his leadership, Crumbl was able to achieve over a billion dollars in yearly system-wide sales by its fifth year. McGowan’s entrepreneurial journey began with the creation of We’re Related, an innovative app that connected 120 million users to their family roots. He didn’t stop there; he also played a key role in the design and development of Nintendo TVii and earned a place in BusinessQ Magazine’s top 40 under 40.

In a remarkable milestone in 2023, Jason became the first person from the Mountain West Region to receive the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year National Winner award, highlighting his exceptional ability to innovate and lead.

Originally an immigrant from Canada and now a proud American citizen, Jason thrives on collaborating with talented individuals to develop high-quality products and services in fast-paced environments that improve lives and make a positive societal impact. Beyond his professional life, Jason is deeply devoted to his faith, family, and enjoying time with his wife and seven children. He’s competitive in board games, loves golfing, and enjoys traveling. Jason McGowan’s story exemplifies the impact of innovation, leadership, and the importance of family.