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Chris Patton

Head of Product
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Chris Patton is a product management veteran with over 10 years of experience leading product development at innovative startups. He holds a Master's degree in Computer Science with a focus on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science, reflecting his deep understanding of technology and its potential to impact human behavior.

Prior to his current role as Head of Product at VirtuousAI, Chris served as Head of Product at Zenput (acquired by Crunchtime). During his extensive career, he has held leadership positions at various startups, driving product strategy and execution across diverse industries.

Chris's passion lies at the intersection of technology and human interaction. His background in AI and cognitive science fuels his drive to build products that not only solve problems but also enhance user experiences and create positive change. At VirtuousAI, Chris spearheads the development of innovative AI-powered solutions, leveraging his expertise to shape the future of human-machine collaboration.