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Kevin Bentley

Head of Technology, NA
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Jollibee Foods Corporation

With over two decades of leadership experience, Kevin leads the technology division for Jollibee, NA, managing five prominent brands. His unique background in Brand Mar-Tech at Johnson & Johnson, combined with his collegiate and NFL athlete experience, provides a distinctive perspective in his current role. Previously, Kevin held pivotal positions overseeing technology and automation at NEAE, driving innovation at Inspire Brands, and consulting for Tropical Smoothie and Mellow Mushroom. His expertise encompasses global IT consulting with Infosys, CRM deployment at Owens Corning, and leading the franchisee business at Arby's. Beyond his professional endeavors, Kevin is a dedicated husband and father, Olympic level snowboard coach, and an engaging and dynamic speaker.. He holds an MS in Information Systems (MSIS) and an undergraduate degree in Communications and Business Institutions from Northwestern, an MBA from Rice University, and is pursuing a doctorate in organizational change management at USC. Kevin's diverse background positions him as a skilled problem solver and catalyst for driving efficiency and fostering innovation within teams.